• “I enjoyed the coaching and it has been one of the best professional development activities I have undertaken during my career to date. It has stretched me to really reflect on the way I operate and in turn I’ve made effective changes to stretch my leadership skills to the next level.”

    Business Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
  • “Natalie has an innate ability to listen and to challenge your thinking with unconditional positive regard. I love her optimism and her energy, which she transmits to her clients. I recommend her without hesitation”

    Careers Manager at Warwick Business School
  • “Natalie’s coaching ability is fantastic. She’s a great role model for the philosophy of learning though empowerment and engagement”

    UK Head of ‘Route to Market’ (wholesale,distributive & supply chain director) at Imperial Tobacco
  • “Natalie has given me so much inspiration to move my business forward and I look forward to working with her again”

    Managing Director Telemarketing Company
  • “Natalie has been exceedingly supportive and is an excellent listener. I have often been surprised by her recollection of comments I had made many sessions ago, which she can then bring in to enrich our current discussion. “

    Researcher at Leading UK Business University


Welcome to inDev, the home of high-impact coaching and people development.
In today’s climate of ongoing change, organisations are continually challenged to improve results, develop business capability, drive efficiency and increase employee engagement. Whatever the transition or challenge, inDev coaching and development can help leaders and their teams realise their potential and deliver heightened performance.

People are potentially the most expensive and crucial element of your business. The extent to which they go above and beyond has a direct impact on your bottom-line. Developing and coaching leaders and teams is a powerful way to deliver a measurable impact on organisational capability, engagement and productivity – making you stand out from your competitors.
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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is the most widely used personality instrument in the world with more than 2 million individuals taking the assessment each year.

Strong leadership and management in an organisation can create a real sustainable advantage.

Executive Coaching actively engages individuals in the learning process and provides a learning template for the longer-term.

Providing coaching during the first 100 days sets leaders up for success, delivers results faster and protects investment made during the recruitment process!

Look closely at a high performing team and you will generally find some unique behavioural dynamics which enable them to consistently achieve outstanding results.